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It's been a while...

2008-02-29 18:16:45 by InkblotNinja

Yes, it took forever, but I finally posted something here! It's not what I thought I would post though... the first record I ever made. [actually the only recording to date -_-] Listen to it if you want :]

So um..yeah...

2007-10-31 17:43:58 by InkblotNinja

w00t~ I'm in!

Ah, I've been a fan of NG for years... I just never thought I could contribute to this joint... That is, until I 'acquired' a copy of Flash CS3.

So now I'm ready to go right? Got the software, got an account, got plenty of time on my know, I probably should have created something before I made an account...>.> poor planning on my part.

I've been cruising around and voting to the best of my ability. I have an idea for a flash... gonna work hard on it!!! Knowing me, I'll get BLAMed >.>